hello friend...

You may be a little nervous to try a new stylist.  It can be just as scary as dating.  You have no idea how awkward it will be and you certainly don't want another bad experience.  

I can't promise it won't be awkward because I'm my own special kind of weird but I do promise to give you a laid back luxury experience.  I always listen, pay attention to detail and make you a priority.   

your experience starts here

You can request an appointment online for your grey coverage or full lived in color session by clicking the button below and you'll fill out a form with some info that I'll need to make sure we are a good fit.  This is the start to our pre-visit consultation.  All new guests wanting more than grey coverage should book a full lived in color session for your first visit.


Once your session request is accepted, you'll receive a welcome email with some important information. (Check your junk folder.  They seem to find their way there)


With your first session, we will continue the consultation and create a long-term plan for your hair.

You always are the only guest I have in my chair so my full attention is on you.  When your color is processing, we can get to know each other more or I am happy to let you chill out while you read, scroll Instagram, or do some work on your computer (I won't tell your boss)

We will end the visit with some styling tips and some product recommendations to help you maintain healthy hair.

I've had 15 years in the beauty industry.  Now that I'm a mom, I realize just how hard it can be to take care of ourselves because we are taking care of everyone else.  


This is why I am passionate about serving busy women and offering lived in color.  

It is beautiful and long lasting.


I love giving women the confidence that comes with beautiful hair, without the high maintenance piece.  


Whether you are a mom or just busy like a mother, I hope you'll enjoy my signature lived in, sunkissed looks that give you more time for what's important to you.