netflix watching,  coffee loving,  introvert.
and obsessed with all things hair!

I'm Lacey
Studio Owner. Bridal Stylist. Updo Educator

I'm an introverted girl living a simple life.  

I believe in being kind, expressing gratitude and living life like today could be our last.

I believe true beauty comes from who you are as a person and no amount of makeup or hair color can cover up an ugly heart.  Less worry about what we look like and more focus on letting our light shine from within. 


When you invest in me as your stylist, you'll receive consistent, realistic and beautiful results.  I have curated a list of sessions including grey coverage in 10 minutes + my signature lived in color techniques that have long lasting results, so you have more time to focus on what is important to you!



You'll usually find me at home with my kiddos doing mom things.  You know, the never ending laundry and cleaning and trying to calm the chaos......  Oh it's so glamorous!  
In between the chores + chaos, I'm passionately working on the business side of hair.  I love listening to business podcasts, dreaming up new things I want to do and watching educational videos that help me perfect my skills as a hairstylist and business owner.   I'm always learning about something.  Occasionally, I'll get to sit down and watch a show on Netflix, take a trip to Target by myself or get a pedicure but my life is my family and that's where you'll find me.  


it's all messy.

the hair.  the bed.  the words.  the heart.  life...

                                                but it's wonderful!