Grey Coverage Sessions

Let's face it!  Grey coverage is not low maintenance...but I've hacked the long processing times by using a grey coverage system that processes in 10 minutes.  Yes, you still get full coverage of those pesky grey strands without the long day at the salon.  I want you to have time for what is important to you, even if that means an extra 20 minutes to sit in your car in the driveway before heading in the house.   {That's considered self-care, isn't it?}


Have you considered growing out your grey but are too afraid to go cold turkey?  I help women start embracing their natural grey with a process that beautifully blends as it grows out.  Send me an email to find out more info on this process.    

Cover My Grey Experience


This session includes a touchup of your new growth 8 weeks or less from your last session, a hair treatment or haircut + blow dry.

"Express" Cover My Grey 

This option is great for those grey coverage clients that want in and out in an hour or less with no fuss.  You get your roots covered, shampoo'd and leave in hair treatment and you are out the door.

Luscious Hair