Are you ready to "embrace your grey?"

A few years ago I was touching up my roots every 5 weeks and came to conclusion I wanted to see how much grey I had and what it would look like grown out.  I started the journey of growing it out and a solid two years later (my hair was quite a bit shorter than in the photo above) I decided I didn't have enough grey hair to really make it dimensional and I felt too blah.  I didn't want to go back to covering my hair every 5 weeks so I added some low maintenance, dimensional teasylage for interest and dimension and I don't think I've ever been so happy with my hair.  

I have since inspired many clients to take the leap and start embracing their grey.  I honestly haven't taken pictures of anyone's journey but recently discovered I have a passion for the process and helping women get their time back and feel sexy in their greys.  If you are interested in the process and what that may look like for you,

please keep reading.

My process is different than anyone's I've seen.  This isn't the go to the salon for an 8 hour visit, strip all of your color out, tone it silver and spend $1500 for the transformation.  Jack Martin is a colorist in CA that can absolutely do that for you, but it will cost you a lot of money and once done, it still has maintenance behind it.

My process takes more patience but I think it's good to start slow as most times it takes a bit for us to embrace our grey.  I take a very similar color to what you are putting on your roots every time, for this example let's call it medium brown.  Instead of painting the medium brown on every single strand and covering every single grey, I weave sections of grey out and paint the medium brown on the weaves left over.  For the first few sessions, I will do these foils really close together.  This starts breaking up that harsh line at the root and allowing some grey to start blending in.  The further we get into the process, the bigger the sections and bigger the weaves I begin to take, which allows for more and more grey hair to show but in a very blended way.  


How long does it take?  That would depend on how long your hair is and how fast your hair grows.  Our hair usually grow 6 inches in a year, with a few trims here and there.


How often should I come in?  I suggest for the first 1-3 sessions coming in the same time frame as you are used to for root touch ups.  If you schedule your root touchups every 5 weeks, your first few visits should be the same.  Then, just like I'm able to take bigger sections, we are also able to start going a little longer before you come in for grey blending sessions.    

How much does it cost?  Up front, it does cost you more money.  Grey blending takes more time and product for a while and is an investment.  But eventually, you will save money because you will extend the time you would need salon appointments by several weeks.  Everyone is different in how much grey they have and how much blending is needed.  Some people can handle seeing more grey as it grows out and others need much more blending during the process.  All of these variables will change how much your investment will be.  


Can I schedule a consultation to chat in person first?  Yes, of course!  If I have not answered any questions here and you would like to chat in person, please email me and let me know.  I will get back to you with a few questions and can get the consultation scheduled.   Consultations are 15 minutes and are $25.00.  If you decide to schedule with me, the $25 will apply to your first grey blending visit if scheduled within 6 weeks.

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